Water Tanks

Aquasol offer a variety of tanks to meet specific requirements for each project, application and budget. This can be provided in Poly Ethylene (PE) or Galvanized tanks.

Aquasol can ship PE, and pre-assembled galvanized tanks for any required volume. We offer complete delivery and installation services throughout Australia and overseas.

Water tanks can be supplied in any sizes (width / height) by assembling single sheets.


Typical Applications for PE & Galvanised Water Storage Tanks are:

  • Potable Water Supply Storage:

Private and public water systems, campgrounds, mine sites, and remote locations use Water Tanks for potable water storage applications.

  • Irrigation Water Storage:

Farms throughout Australia rely on water tanks to maximize the efficiency of water well production and to control distribution and pumping cycles.

  • Waste Water Collection and Treatment:

Open top tanks can be utilized for commercial waste water treatment and run-off water collection.


Water Tanks
Water Tanks

PE Tanks:

  • Durable UV resistant poly tanks.
  • Can be found in a range of 750L to 32,000L

Usual Specification – Galvanized Tanks:

  • Foundations of concrete ring beam, facility for tie down PVC reinforced liner Geo-textile fabric
  • Design temperature Max / Min: 50 / 0 °C,
  • Personnel access hatch, roof access ladder with external concrete landing, footings and hold down bolts, lockable security door, roof landing platform and guardrails, internal access ladder


Aquasol also provides Technical drawings and additional equipment as required.tank