Waste Water Treatment

Aquasol provides consultation, design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of water treatment equipment for both industrial and commercial applications. Our role in your project may be initial assistance with design, or may include all aspects of designing and delivering a full turn-key project

Our product range includes oil water separators (both standard coalescing plate and vertical gravity models), skid mounted water recycling systems, stormwater diversion and treatment systems, solids management and sludge handling and conditioning systems, floating skimmers and pickups, custom control panels, packaged water treatment plants for potable water, grey water or sewerage treatment as well as quick break detergents and water treatment chemicals.

All our systems can be optioned as containerised plants for use in harsh environments for the treatment and reclaim of wash water. We also provide packaged plants for commercial and industrial sewage and grey water treatment and stand-alone packaged plants for desalination and membrane filtration of water, for both potable and non potable use on mine sites and remote work depots.

Water recycling is supported by the Government at all levels, to provide long-term solutions to secure our water supplies.  See below:


Waste Water Treatment Plant

Waste Water System