Water Chlorination & Electro Chlorination

Chlorine dosing without DG Risk

Aquasol has recently developed a complete chlorine dosing maintenance system using only electricity and the natural salts and minerals already existing in the water. Through the process of electrolysis, liquid chlorine is produced on site with no chemical additions. A flow thru cell utilizing chlorides found naturally in water is used for sterilization and disinfection. The chlorine generator is coupled with a chlorine analyzer to control the system automatically.

Our first units have been shipped to WA Talison Minerals for their water treatment system in Wodinga. The system solves all the DG issues associated with chlorine. Current use of Gas or Liquid Chlorine in water treatment has been transported and handled on site as a Dangerous Good with associated high risk to staff.

The system works on water with TDS down to as low as 200mg/Lt and utilizes chlorides in water to convert to sodium hypochlorite. We aim to give a free residual chlorine level of 0.5 to 1.0 mg/Lt controlled by way of the electrical chlorine analyzer coupled to the chlorine generator.

FlowChloro is green

Virtually eliminating the need for dangerous chemicals, FlowChloro is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional water treatment.

FlowChloro is versatile

FlowChloro can be retrofitted to any existing installation and automatically adjusts to suit the different water chemistry. Flowchloro comes as skid mounted; or pre assembled for easy installation; or as a modular, allowing the system to be installed into confined places.

FlowChloro is safe

FlowChloro eliminates chemical contamination risk to the environment and operator exposure to dangerous fumes. Australian made and designed, FlowChloro is robust, reliable and comes with a three year warranty.

FlowChloro is economical and energy efficient

FlowChloro eliminates the costs of chemicals added to water along with costs of handling, storing and dosing DG rates chemicals. There are no mechanical dosing pumps or tanks required to store chlorine. Only 6 watts of energy is required for every gram of pure chlorine, compared to traditional 13 watts per gram of chlorine.

FlowChloro Benefits

  • Avoids the risk inherent in the transport and handling of chlorine products.
  • Eliminate the dependence on commercial chlorine suppliers.
  • Lowers operating costs.
  • Achieves a complete automatic process which requires minimal operator attendance.

Chlorine Generators; FCRC Series

  • Reverse Polarity (Reduced Maintenance).
  • The Reversing Action De-scales The Build-up of Calcium And Reduces Electrode Cleaning Maintenance By 95%.
  • In-built protection system.
  • Expected Electrode Life – 75,000 Hours.
  • Built-in Acid Wash System
  • Sealed, Internally Cooled Power Supply.
  • Skid Mounted Design.
  • TDS Range: 500 – 2,000 mg/L.
  • Warranty – 3 years


Water Chlorination
Water Chlorination