Aspirating Aerator AQA

Efficient equipment to be installed in aerating tanks, basins, aerated lagoons and rivers / canals for municipal and industrial waste water treatment.


  • The aerator parts are made from stainless steel 304 or engineering plastic depending upon water quality.
  • Aerator synchronous speed 3,000 rpm.
  • Ceramic or stainless steel sleeve is installed at the shaft end bearing, when used in common water.
  • There is no end bearing model for the high-strength canti-lever hollow shaft, which means no bearing problem when used in abrasive water.


  • Creates effective horizontal water movement to limit algae growth and distribute oxygen over a wide area.
  • Operates quietly without spraying or splashing for year-round performance.
  • Reduce odours by injecting oxygen and providing water movement.
  • Directs circulation into most areas as the aerator angles adjust to control the amount of circulation and depth of bubble stream.
  • Easy to move and install by one person (we recommend a registered electrician to do all the wiring).



Aeration SystemsSewage

Aeration, re-suspension and circulation of oxidation ditches, aerobic treatment of sewage effluent, mixing, consolidation and treatment of sludge, improved digestion resulting in the ditch returning to original handling capacity.

Process Waste

The flotation aerator is ideal for use on large bodies of water such as lagoons and reservoirs, where stratification is to be avoided. The unit will also deal with polluted water in situ, rejuvenating depleted oxygen levels. This method of aerating has been proved, in large ditches (e.g. paper manufacturing), to improve the consistency of effluent prior to discharge.

Environmental UseAeration Systems

Oil spillage recovery, ranging from slight oil contaminated cooling water to heavy pollution after oil spillage and to the removal of water bound larvae e.g. mosquitoes.



Fish Farms

The total in depth and position gives the high volume of entrained air which is the perfect choice for fish rearing tanks, growing cages and fishing lakes. Aeration Systems