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Building Near Services

This plan identifies minimum requirements for the support of structures to be built near water services. You would need to consider the following:
  • Settlement and shearing effect of structures built near or over our services
  • Cantilevered footings should be designed to allow removal of soil within the zone of influence. Soil anchors should not be placed within the zone of influence.
  • Soil and ground characteristics.
  • Potential for natural or accidental flooding of the structure
  • The possibility of impacting sewer services as work progresses.
  • Impact (dynamic) loads as work progresses, such as vehicle loads, pile driving and site compaction.
  • Plan for carrying-out work, excavated access ramps, soil stockpiles restricting access, etc.
  • No part of any structure or installed equipment can be within a zone extending 1.5 m horizontally from the:
    • Centre-line of our sewer inspection shaft, rising shaft or inspection opening, or
    • Centre-line at any access chamber.
  • Do not build over pressure services
  • Storage of materials, placement of equipment, and building of any structure must be no closer than 3m for pipelines smaller than 300mm and 5mm for pipelines bigger than 300mm. Items that can be relocated and do not cause an excessive load are exempt
  • Discharged chemicals including acids and hydrocarbons can damage a main or contaminate water supplies by being absorbed through some pipe wall materials. Report chemical spills into main drains immediately.
  • Report chemical spills into main drains immediately.
  • The cost of all work is the responsibility of the land owner or developer
  • Where a structure has been built and it encroaches on an area that cannot be built on, by law the builder is required to underpin the structure. In some circumstances, we may order for the structure to be removed
  • A minimum 2.4m clearance must be maintained where a sewer passes between structures on a single lot.

If you need to alter your existing building, please send us a signed form by email Alterations & Additions to Building Advice Form