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The Green – A Fairway Village

Aquasol, experienced Waste Water Treatment Company, will provide Sewer Services to the residents of the Fairway Village.

Aquasol will manage the operations and maintenance of the sewer services, interconnected infrastructure and full customer services, including the finances and fees.

To provide a complete service, Aquasol was approved by the Economic Regulation Authority of Western Australia to become the formal Sewer Service Provider.

In regards to the water quality for the non potable water (your treated sewer), Aquasol has in place approvals from the Department of Health & the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation to reuse it for irrigation at your neighbouring golf course.

A copy of our licenses and approvals can be read below.

Economic Regulation Authority, WA.

Department of Health

Department of Water and Environmental Regulation

Our friendly staff is available 24/7. We encourage your feedback and questions; this will help us meet our commitments and ensure you will receive a service of excellence.