Our Team

The Answer to Aquasol’s Success is Our Professional Capability & Commitment at all Levels

Our workforce has the skills, experience and resourcefulness to realise opportunities, respond to project challenges and add value to clients’ needs.

The teamwork, enthusiasm and professional expertise of our people ensure that we deliver projects and services that consistently match or exceed our clients’ expectations.

This takes place in a culture that prioritises safety, embraces diversity, encourages contribution and upholds the belief that every individual has the ability to add value to their team.


Our Management team work closely together to ensure that we meet our Clients and Staff’s needs. We achieve these goals by :

  • Implementing strategy
  • Business performance management
  • Systems, processes and policies
  • People, culture and values
  • Succession, leadership development
  • Business plans and budget

Service and Maintenance

We offer 24 hour maintenance support, from our team of qualified and experienced service technicians. Our team is trained to Australian standards and will ensure that your equipment is maintained and serviced to a high degree.


Our Engineering team has been carefully selected, ensuring all of our team members have expertise in the field of water treatment. We have in-house Chemical, Environmental and Electrical Engineers, together with the support from our Project Managers and Consultants we can ensure we meet our clients expectations. The company places great emphasis on detailed project design and produces detailed process and GA drawings at the quotation stage for all but the simplest projects.


All manufacturing and installations are carried out by our team of experienced plumbers, welders, and electricians. We ensure that all our Tradesman comply with all Occupational, Health and Safety regulations and are trained and qualified to meet all industry requirements.

From design, manufacture, install and commissioning, you can be assured that our team has worked closely together ensuring quality control measures have been met, ensuring that your needs have been exceeded.